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Log baskets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours of willow. Our baskets are all made by hand using willow taken from sustainable willow beds which are harvested in the traditional manner. A willow log basket by the side of the fire gives a really homely feel, and many people find other storage uses for these log baskets.
"It arrived today! Thank you for being so prompt - its looks a lovely basket as well... " Rosaline W
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Dumpy Buff Log Basket

code: BUFF-LOG
Dumpy Buff Log Basket

A traditional log basket made with buff willow with a black maul strip.  This is a great basket for logs as it's not too big and light to carry. 

  • Width 20½ inches/52 cms
  • Height 14½ inches/37 cms - with handles 16½ inches/42 cms
Dark Brown Willow Log Basket

Dark Brown Willow Log Basket

This is a very smart looking dark brown willow log basket.  It features contrasting buff edging and bottom and the handles are incorporated in the weave at the top.   

  • Width 20 inches 
  • Height 14½ inches 
Oval Two Tone Log / Storage Basket

Oval Two Tone Log / Storage Basket

An oval basket made with contrasting colours of willow.  This basket looks good as a log basket or is even attractive enough to use for storage.

  • Height 14 inches - with handles 16 inches
  • Length 22 inches
  • Width 16 inches
Grey Rattan Square Basket with Handles

Grey Rattan Square Basket with Handles
Extra Large Basket£58.99
Large Basket£56.99
Medium Basket£45.99
Small Basket£38.99
Very Small Basket£29.99

A very stylish square basket made with grey rattan.  Suitable for all types of decor, these baskets have handles and are very strong. Ideal for logs and kindling or for storing a variety of items.  Available in a choice of sizes.

  Length Width Height
Extra Large 20½ inches/51 cms 20½ inches/51 cms

20½ inches/51 cms
with handle 24 inches/61 cms

Large 17 inches/44 cms 17 inches/44 cms

21 inches/54 cms
with handle 25 inches/63 cms

Medium 16 inches/41 cms 16 inches/41 cms 16 inches/41 cms
with handle 20 inches/51 cms
Small 14 inches/36 cms 14 inches/36 cms 14 inches/36 cms
with handle 17 inches/43 cms
Very Small 12 inches/30 cms 12 inches/30 cms

12 inches/30cms
with handle 15 inches/39 cms

Little Green Log Basket

Little Green Log Basket

This is a really nice neat log basket.   

  • Width 20 inches   
  • Height 15 inches - with handles 19 inches
Green Willow Log Basket with Natural Rope Handles

Green Willow Log Basket with Natural Rope Handles
Large Basket£48.99
Small Basket£38.99

A green willow log basket featuring natural rope handles and an attractive rope border near the top.  This is a very sturdy basket, oblong in shape which makes a change from the traditional round ones.   

  Width Length Height
Large 18 inches/45 cms 25 inches/63 cms 15½ inches/39 cms
Small 15½ inches/39 cms 21 inches/53 cms 14 inches/36 cms
Big Red Log Basket

code: BIG-RED
'Big Red' Log Basket

Handmade with red willow. A sturdy and attractive basket made to traditional lines - looks great by the fireplace. Features nice strong handles to take the weight of your logs.

  • Height 24 inches/61 cms - with handles 27 inches/69 cms
  • Width 24 inches/61 cms
Dark Brown Oblong Log Basket/Storage Basket

Dark Brown Oblong Log Basket/Storage Basket
Large Basket£84.99
Medium Basket£64.99

These versatile dark brown oblong baskets with handles are perfect for logs or for use as storage baskets around the home.  

  Length Width Height
Large 27 inches/70 cms 20 inches/51 cms

19 inches/49 cms
with handle 23 inches/59 cms

Medium  22 inches/56 cms 18 inches/46 cms 15 inches/38 cms
with handle 19 inches/48 cms




Dark Brown Round Log Basket/Storage Basket

Dark Brown Round Log Basket/Storage Basket
Extra Large Basket£84.99
Large Basket£74.99
Medium Basket£64.99
Very Small Basket£44.99

These dark brown round baskets with handles are great for logs or for use as storage baskets to keep your home neat and organised.  The small basket is an ideal choice for walking sticks and umbrellas as well as many other things.  Available in various sizes.

  Width Height
Extra Large 24 inches/60 cms

24 inches/60 cms
with handle 27 inches/69 cms

Large 20 inches/51 cms

21 inches/54 cms
with handle 25 inches/64 cms

Medium 16 inches/40 cms 20 inches/51 cms
with handle 23 inches/59 cms
Very Small 12 inches/30 cms

17 inches/43cms
with handle 20 inches/51 cms








Large Grey Rattan Log/Storage/Toy Basket

Large Grey Rattan Log/Storage/Toy Basket

A beautifully made grey rattan basket in a simple, robust design.  It features handles in the weave at the top and its generous size makes it ideal for use as a log basket, storage basket or even a toy basket.  

  • Width 2ft 1 inch/63 cms
  • Length 3ft 11 inches/118 cms 
  • Height 1ft 8 inches/50 cms
Turkish Basket For Logs/Storage

'Turkish' Basket For Logs/Storage
Large Basket£69.99
Small Basket£49.99

We only call this basket Turkish as it looks like a Turkish pot. These baskets are really something else - the bluish tinge to the rope handles and around the top just make this basket perfect. Can be used for logs, storage or even to put a pot plant in as it looks so stylish.  

  Width Height
Large 22 inches/55 cms 23 inches/58 cms
Small 16½ inches/42 cms 16 inches/40 cms
Natural Chunky Log / Storage Baskets

Natural Chunky Log / Storage Baskets
XL Basket£98.99
Large Basket£82.99
Medium Basket£60.99

These baskets are beautifully made with honey colour rattan.  They are very sturdy with strong handles.  The generous size of these baskets means that once you have filled them with logs you can lay back and relax in front of your lovely fire. Also great for general storage baskets to keep your home clutter free.

  Width Height
XL 28 inches 25 inches - with handles 28 inches
Large 22 inches 20 inches - with handles 24 inches
Medium 18 inches 16 inches - with handles 19 inches
Kindling / Picking / Collecting Basket

Kindling / Picking / Collecting Basket

A kindling basket made with green ash.  This is a very robust basket with a solid and lovely shaped handle.  Easy to carry with just one handle for those slippy icy days.  This basket is also great for collecting fruit and vegetable.

  • Width 18 inches/46 cms
  • Length 18 inches/46 cms
  • Height of basket at the back 13 inches/33 cms - with handle 19 inches/48cms
Open Sided Basket

Open Sided Basket

This open sided basket is made from two different colours of willow.  It has several uses, including magazine rack or paper rack, and can be used for carrying logs. Logs are quite decorative by the side of the fire when held in this carry basket. 

  • Length 16 inches
  • Width 13 inches
  • Height 16 inches (including handle)
"Thanks. The basket arrived yesterday, Friday looks excellent and we are delighted with it. Thank you for your prompt service."  AW
Big Rustic Log Basket

Big Rustic Log Basket

A large rustic log basket beautifully made with buff and red willow and featuring strong handles.  This one should keep you going with logs on a cold night.

  • Width 25½ inches
  • Height 16½ inches - including handles 19½ inches
"Thanks - the basket arrived today (within 24 hours after ordering it!) and we are very pleased with it." Gareth LM
Tall Oblong Grey Rattan Log Basket / Storage Basket

Tall Oblong Grey Rattan Log Basket / Storage Basket
Large Basket£98.99
Small Basket£74.99

These tall rattan baskets are perfect for logs or storing various household items.  Available in two sizes, they are beautifully woven by hand with a natural rope weave near the top of the basket with the handles in the weave.  A very sturdy and strong log basket. 

  Width Length Height
Large 25 inches/64 cms 31½ inches/80 cms 23½ inches/60 cms
Small 17 inches/44 cms 22 inches/56 cms 23½ inches/60 cms
Chunky Square Log / Storage Basket

Chunky Square Log / Storage Basket
This is from Storage Baskets
Large Basket£98.99
Medium Basket£85.99
Small Basket£68.99

These chunky square log/storage baskets are really strong and sturdy and are available in three sizes.  Designed to fit neatly into corners, they not only look great but are extremely practical as well.

  Length/Width Height
Large 29 inches/74 cms 23 inches/58 cms
Medium 24 inches/60 cms 19 inches/48 cms
Small 17 inches/44 cms 16 inches/42 cms
Rattan Storage Trunk/Basket

Rattan Storage Trunk/Basket
This is from Storage Baskets
Extra Large Basket£138.99
Large Basket£115.99
Medium Basket£95.99
Small Basket£59.99

These sturdy storage trunks look like the old laundry baskets that the hotels used to use. They are very well made with a lovely weave. They have rope handles and are ideal for storing toys, clothes or even logs.  Available in a choice of sizes.

  Length Width Height
Extra Large 34½ inches/88 cms 26½ inches/67 cms 26½ inches/67 cms
Large 29 inches/74 cms 21 inches/54 cms

21 inches/54 cms

Medium 24 inches/62 cms 17 inches/43 cms 18½ inches/47 cms
Small 19 inches/48 cms 13½ inches/35 cms 14 inches/36 cms
Laundry Basket / Log Basket / Storage Basket

Laundry Basket / Log Basket / Storage Basket
This is from Laundry Baskets

This lovely buff willow basket is durable and designed for use as a general storage basket, laundry basket or log basket.

  • Height 7½ inches/19 cms - with handle 10 inches/26 cms
  • Length 21 inches/51 cms
  • Width  21 inches/51 cms
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